City of Kelliher 

Gateway to Upper Red Lake

Dog Registration

Owners, keepers, and custodians of dogs are allowed on public properties in Kelliher, but are required to register their dogs with the City of Kelliher.  


Public properties in Kelliher include, but are not limited to, parks, paths, sidewalks, and road and street rights-of-way.


The simple registration requires the owner’s name and address, as well as the dog’s breed, color, and sex.  A current rabies vaccination is required and can be verified on the registration form by providing the dog’s rabies vaccination tag or the name of the veterinarian who administered the rabies shot.  No registration will be allowed unless the dog has a current rabies vaccination.


 Dog owners can complete the cards by visiting City Hall during business hours.  Once a dog registration is completed, the dog will be issued an aluminum tag that must be worn at all times when the dog is allowed on public property.


Registration of dogs allows the town to make sure all dogs are appropriately vaccinated against rabies.  It also allows the town to contact dog owners in the event dogs are lost or injured and found by town personnel.


Dogs in Kelliher must also be kept on a leash not exceeding 10 feet in length.  Dog owners are also responsible for feces excreted by the dog on any public property and must dispose of the feces in appropriate trash receptacles provided by the town. 


Violation of the dog ordinance is a misdemeanor.